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FAQ/Common Questions

Can I register as a patient?

Of course, you can! We would love to provide care for you and your family and anyone you would recommend to us. Simply contact our Front Office Team by phone or email to register.

I have a broken tooth but no pain. What do I do?

Broken teeth are never a nice surprise! The good news is our experienced team at Central Hutt Dental are always ready to help. Getting onto these issues early can mean that the treatment is easy and less costly! Our best advice is do not wait for the tooth to hurt – as often it is too late. Contact our team today to schedule an emergency appointment.

Do you offer same day crowns?

Yes, we have invested in some of the best technology available and have 3D Printers and Milling Machines that can make same day restorations for you, often a diagnosis needs to be made and a consultation with our dentists is required before we organise a time to do this for you.

I'm really scared after having a bad experience. Can you help me?

We hear this often, unfortunately like most medical fields there was a dark era in dentistry. The good news is these times are gone. We modern techniques, material, anaesthetics and technology, dentistry should be a breeze for anyone! We also now we have a purpose built facility designed by our dentists to deliver cutting edge comfortable dentistry at a comfortable spacious clinic right in the heart of the Hutt.

I don't live in Wellington, can I still book?

We welcome patients from all over the Greater Wellington Region and New Zealand. Yes that’s right we treat patients from everywhere and have had recommendations and referrals from patients who even live overseas. Our aim is to not let location limit us we can structure appointments and help you organise travel. All the hassle is minimised for you and you can experience the best in dentistry. Please contact us so we can organise things in a way that would work for you.

I have a broken/sore tooth and need urgent treatment. How soon can I book an appointment?

Our team specialises in emergency dentistry we have all the tools to diagnose and treat almost all dental situations even severe trauma and we often have time in our daily schedule for those who are unfortunately in bit of dental emergency — contact us and we can get the ball rolling for you.

I need an extraction/treatment that my regular dentist isn't comfortable performing or doesn't offer. Can you help?

We often get referrals from dentists and specialists for complex root canals surgical wisdom teeth, cosmetic treatment and orthodontics. If you would like your dentist to refer to us please find the form below and supply the supporting documentation (if available). If you would like to refer yourself or ask any questions feel free to contact our office and we will be more than happy to help.

Do you have an orthodontist/offer orthodontics?

Dr Haidar, our senior dentist has been offering orthodontics for many years and has had hundreds of happy patients walk out with a beautiful row of straight teeth. He can offer a range of orthodontic services from monitoring for growth and changes in the tooth alignment to braces and aligners too.

Dr Haidar is a Dentist that has an interest in orthodontics once he found a number of his patients required it and had nowhere to go. Many preferred their treatment to be in-house under one roof. Dr Haidar undertook years of extensive training and study to be able to provide some of the most cutting-edge treatment in digital orthodontics aligners and braces. As he didn’t want to give up his general practice he chose to stay as a general dentist that provides orthodontic treatment.

Here in Central Hutt Dental, we have a brand-new orthodontic wing that is designed to allow him and his team offer a great holistic approach to straighter teeth.

Fill out our orthodontic questionnaire here and help us get to know what you would like to improve with your smile.

Can I pay my treatment off?

We know dentistry like all private health care can often be a burden on many individuals and households. To help ease this for you we have teamed up with lending partners to allow you access to short and more long-term interest free lending options that will help you pay for emergency and planned treatment. Contact our team now to find out more and see if we have any limited time offers.

For orthodontic treatment we often structure an in-house payment plan to help you manage the cost usually over the entire period of treatment.

I need dentures/new dentures can you help me?

Why of course, we have our own laboratory that can help with any denture issues you may have. They can also fabricate a new set of dentures for you. We have invested in some of the best denture tech in the business and even have an emergency 3D printed denture service with a quick turnaround – for those situations where you can’t find your pearly whites!

Contact our team to find out more and also get to know some of the amazing restorative options we provide.

I need a new tooth put in - do you do implants?

Implants have become one of our go to restorative options to give patients their teeth back in the most natural way. We have a great digital dental implant service where we take scans (no moulds) and 3D X-rays and completely plan your implant placement procedure and restoration. Word to the wise – implants are a complex treatment so often you need to have a chat to our clinical team and get diagnostics taken so we can make sure we have all the information we need to have a successful outcome. Talk to our team now to find out more.

I don't like the look of my front teeth. What can I do?

This is one of the most common questions we get having been in the dental industry for a long time. Unfortunately many of us aren’t born with a perfect set, or have had an accident that could have impacted the way our teeth look.

We know having a good set of teeth can make you feel and look better and this can have many advantages in your personal and professional life. Often these issues are left for a long time and you may feel helpless, embarrassed, and might think they are going to stay this way for ever.

In our experience it’s best to talk to the experts about what the issues are and let us understand what are the problems and what approaches we can utilise to make things better for you. We are confident that we can have you feeling confident about your pearly whites.

Sometimes all you need is a clean and some whitening, sometimes it’s just a few small white fillings that can correct the issues, and some cases either some orthodontics or specialized ceramics.

Whatever the case is we would love to help you. We have invested in some of the most incredible equipment in dentistry enabling us to take 3D scans of your teeth and show you a 3D model to discuss how we can make things better. All without making you feel judged or pressured.

Contact us now to find out more.

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