Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction in Lower Hutt, NZ

Knowing you need a tooth extraction might make you nervous—but you don’t have to be, especially if you know what the procedure entails.

Dental Inflammation

What is Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction involves removing damaged teeth from your jawbone. The condition of your teeth will determine whether we perform a surgical or simple dental extraction.

A simple extraction is best for removing teeth that we can see and easily reach. A surgical extraction is necessary if we have to surgically move your gum to access and remove a damaged tooth. You will receive a local anaesthetic before an extraction procedure to keep the process painless.

After the surgery, your dentist will cover the extraction site with gauze to form a blood clot and stop the bleeding. Applying the gauze also prevents painful dry socket.

Benefits of Dental Extraction

A dental extraction can improve your smile by getting rid of excess or misshapen teeth. It can also relieve you by eliminating teeth that are causing you pain.

Before your tooth removal, your dentist will ask about your medical history and medications you are taking. These questions are important for verifying whether tooth extraction is a safe treatment option for you.


What Can a Dental Extraction Solve?

  • Tooth Decay: A severely decayed tooth that is unfit for root canal treatment will require extraction.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Teeth that can’t grow out of your gums due to lack of space in your mouth may require surgical extraction.
  • Orthodontics: Before installing braces, you may need to have some teeth extracted to align your dentition.
  • Gum Disease: A bacterial or periodontal infection can loosen a tooth from the gum. Treating the condition may require dental extraction.
    Placing an ice pack over the treated area will help reduce facial swelling. Do not smoke or drink alcohol for at least 24-hours after the surgery to avoid complicating your healing process.

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