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Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction in Lower Hutt, NZ

At Central Hutt Dental, we strive to solve any oral health issues by preserving the tooth; however, sometimes, the only option is an extraction.

Dental Inflammation

What is Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction involves removing a damaged tooth from your mouth. The only time we perform extractions is when there are no other suitable treatment options available.

The condition of your teeth will determine whether we perform a surgical or simple dental extraction. A simple extraction is best for removing teeth that we can see and easily reach. A surgical extraction is necessary if we have to surgically move your gum to access and remove a damaged tooth (often needed for wisdom teeth and other challenging jobs).

We understand that some people can be very anxious during an extraction procedure. To keep the process pain free, you will receive a local anaesthetic.

After the removal, your dentist will cover the extraction site with gauze to form a blood clot and stop the bleeding. Applying the gauze also prevents painful dry sockets.

Benefits of Dental Extraction

While it is important to save the teeth, we have in our mouth and avoid a dental extraction. Sometimes a dental extraction is necessary if your natural tooth is beyond saving. It can help remove and reduce pain allowing for a better night’s rest.

We will ensure the extraction is safe and pain free. We will begin with forming a diagnosis on how to preform the procedure by taking the required X-rays and records. We pride ourselves in patient education, keeping you informed every step of the way. After your procedure your dentist will explain the aftercare instructions and we will give you a follow up call the next day to check in on how you are feeling. This allows us to answer any questions you may have moving forward.


What Can a Dental Extraction Solve?

  • Tooth Decay: Teeth that are incredibly decayed and not fit for a root canal treatment will need to be removed to prevent infection in the gum.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth often require removal due to the limited space they have to come out. If you are experiencing pain from your wisdom tooth, this is likely due to it being impacted, covered by gum. Some wisdom teeth that grow in on an angle require removal due to them creating a place where food traps with the tooth next door. This puts the health of that tooth at risk. It is best to get a full diagnosis before pain begins, because that can prevent the limit of available treatment options.
  • Orthodontics: Before receiving braces, some teeth might need to be removed to gain space to improve your overall bite. Which allows you have the smile you have always wanted.
  • Gum Disease: A bacterial or periodontal infection is a serious issue that might cause all teeth to be removed as they become loose. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly to prevent the need for extraction.

Follow the directions of your dentist after the treatment to ensure optimal healing. You can place an icepack to reduce swelling and pain, and do not smoke or drink alcohol for at least 24-hours after the surgery to avoid any complications such a dry socket. Which is severely painful.

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