Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in Lower Hutt, NZ

Not all of us are born with a great set of pearly whites. There may be staining, older fillings, chips, cracks, rotations, and many people desire to correct these. We meet people all the time that would want their smile corrected. It does a lot for your confidence, the way you feel about your smile, and even the way your lips and teeth sit together. Most patients feel helpless about the state of their front teeth and their smile and think that they have to accept or settle for the way they are.


Ceramic Shell Veneers

One of the biggest breakthroughs, treatment modalities we utilize for patients like this is the use of dental veneers. Expertly made ceramic shells that are designed to sit over your teeth to improve the shape alignment and shade/colour of the front teeth. It’s a far simpler and more accessible step that people can take that most clients aren’t aware of.

Expert Examination

First, you need an expert thorough examination from our clinical team where we will assess the state of the teeth to see what condition they are in and what is it that you would like to improve and what can be achieved. Then, we present a treatment plan and show you a smile design mock-up to give you an idea of what the final smile will look like. Finally, we book you in for a treatment visit to shape the teeth for the ceramic restorations/veneers. Finally, a scan is taken so that our ceramic technicians can make and characterise your custom-made and designed ceramic restoration and we fit them and bond them to your teeth. The process is quick from before to the amazing after, you can recreate the appearance of your teeth and get a smile you’d be ecstatic about within a short time. The other best part of veneers if the teeth are well maintained these restorations can last many many years.

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