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Preventive Dentistry

Taking Care Of Your Teeth And Mouth

Keeping your teeth healthy can be quite difficult without visiting the dentist at regular intervals. During your check-up, a professional dentist will take a look at your tooth and mouth and point out any underlying issues that might be present and cause problems in the future.

Without visiting your dentist at least once a year, you might miss some signs that might lead to expensive treatments in the future and further complications. At Central Hutt Dental, we will suggest a specific plan for you about how often you should be coming to check-ups with our friendly dentists.

Preventive options at Central Hutt Dental

Our experienced team offers a range of preventive dental options for our patients that we will discuss with you at your regular check-ups. When you come to your appointment, you can expect one of our dentists to check your whole oral health, from the state of your teeth to the colours of your gum and indicate any problems that they might see.

We can suggest you some home care products, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, toothbrushes and flossing systems, that might help improve the cleanliness of your teeth. At Central Hutt Dental, we can custom make dental nightguards and mouthguards that are essential for some to prevent injuries and other issues with their teeth.

Regular check-ups will save you time, money and pain, and we can ensure you get the most out of your appointments at Central Hutt Dental.

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Contact us today to discuss your preventive dentistry options and how often you need to visit the dentist to stay on top of your oral health. We will help you keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy and colourful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and ask any questions you might have!