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Our team of clinicians are proficient in all aspects of dentistry from basic to extremely comprehensive. We use modern digital imaging and photography so you may see and better understand any issues around the state of your teeth and to help you address them.

The aim of our team is to provide you with excellent results to get rid of any discomfort and have you chewing and smiling with confidence.


Dr Haidar Al-Hassiny


About Haidar

There are few things I find more satisfying then helping my patients reach their dental goals.

Coming from a family of dentists, Dr Haidar has followed his father’s footsteps and applied himself to this field. He has extensive experience offering cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to a wide group of people. Having graduated with his BDS from Otago University he found experience in rural dentistry and then came back to be closer to his family in Wellington. When the opportunity came to be part of a new team and new clinic that is looking to provide the best of the best treatment to the people in Wellington, he jumped at the idea.

He is a proud father of 3 (2 boys and a girl) and is experienced in all aspects of dentistry. Dr Haidar is passionate about meeting people and their families. He loves to help guide and treat them to better oral health. When he’s not in the clinic (which is hardly ever), he spends time with his two boys and wee girl and sometimes you may seem them strolling around the Hutt.

If you would like to contact us about booking with Dr Haidar, or have any questions contact us here.




About Divya

Being an overseas trained dentist, I was really interested to get a job in New Zealand’s dental industry so that I can be surrounded by the field before I take a big step of registering and seeing patients.

One of favourite things about this practice is all this amazing technology we have, my particular favourite is 3D scanning when I am orthodontic assisting with Haidar. It’s great to be able to do a full scan of one’s teeth and not have to take those old yucky impressions like we used to.

Also, it’s fun to change their ties to different colours and watch their teeth get straighter month-by-month and see that smile on their face get bigger. I also really like our team here at Central Hutt Dental. We all get along and work is always happy and very positive.

When I am not at work, I am usually travelling around New Zealand with my husband and in the future after our family gets bigger I plan to travel overseas and see more of the world.




About Candace

Originally starting as a Dental Assistant back in 2017, then moving to support the Front Office Team on the front line, has given me a unique working experience, gaining me a working knowledge of every aspect of the dental practice. Not knowing when I was younger what career I wanted to strive to achieve, I fell into dentistry by accident and what a happy accident it was! On the job I felt a sense of satisfaction being able to spread the importance of oral health and the major effects it has on a person’s self-confidence. What I love most is seeing the difference we can make in our patients lives. Going from them not wanting to leave the house, to smiling more confidently. Working within a team that has a passion for all things digital means that we can provide accurate predictable results every time. I am very excited to be working in Central Hutt and working as the Team Leader in the Practice has given me an intense feeling of satisfaction. I look forward to coming to work every day. They say if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.




About Michelle

I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Cape Town, South Africa in 1992.  I have worked in various general dental practices and have gained a wealth of experience over the year. I enjoy the interaction with patients.  I am extremely passionate about Oral Health and I believe that effective communication with all my patients and listening to the patient’s concerns are very important. I try to be very accommodating to my patients and strive to make appointments as enjoyable as possible but at the same time providing the best treatment that I can offer.

When I am not working, I like to go for walks with my dog, cooking, baking and spending time with my family.

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