Dental Night Guards

Dental Night Guards in Lower Hutt, NZ

Do you grind or clench your teeth? Using night guards can help stop the damage caused by the habit.

Dental Guards

What Are Dental Night Guards?

Night guards are a convenient and inexpensive treatment for people who are prone to teeth grinding and clenching. You wear the appliance over your upper and lower teeth before bed. While you sleep, the night guard prevents your teeth from grinding against each other and damaging your enamel.

Benefits of Dental Night Guards

Grinding your teeth at night damages your tooth enamel, which is your teeth’s protective layer. Damage to the enamel can cause chipped and cracked teeth. It can also strain jaw muscles, leading to jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, and headaches.

Wearing a dental night guard while you sleep protects your oral health and smile from the continuous wear caused by involuntary teeth grinding. Quality night guards have soft, dual-laminate materials that prevent injury in the mouth.

Custom night guards are the best because they match your dentition. The custom fit ensures that you can wear the guard comfortably while you sleep. If you also compulsively grind your teeth during the day, custom-made mouthguards for daytime use are available. You can wear them to protect your teeth while performing regular activities, such as playing sports.

What Do Dental Night Guards Solve?

If you have bruxism, also called teeth grinding and clenching, visit our Lower Hutt Dental Clinic to get a custom-fitted night guard. The most common cause of the condition is stress. A night guard cannot curtail bruxism unless it is a perfect fit for your teeth. It must be comfortable to wear and not interfere with your speaking or breathing.
In case your night guard is not a perfect fit, correct it by placing it under hot water for 30 seconds before biting into it. The “boil and bite” technique softens the appliance, so it adjusts to match your dentition when you wear it.

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