Dental Braces

Dentist Braces in Lower Hutt, NZ

If you struggle with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, dental braces may be right for you. Braces have many benefits, including:

  • aligning the teeth correctly and straightening crooked teeth
  • decreasing the likelihood of tooth decomposition
  • alleviating stress on the jaw
  • fixing an underbite or an overbite
  • and much more

Braces Defined

Made of brackets, small wires, and rubber bands, traditional metal braces stick to the front of your teeth with a glue-like dental bond. The rubber bands hold the arch wire to the brackets.

Your Braces, Your Choice

Modern-day technology offers you several options for braces. You can choose traditional aluminium braces, ceramic braces that better match your teeth, or “lingual” braces that attach to the back of your teeth, facing your tongue.

What to Expect

Braces take time to evaluate, as our orthodontists care deeply about our patients to ensure orthodontic success beyond the braces.


Visit One: Consultation

First, we will need to schedule a consultation to create goals for the treatment. This is the time when you can express any concerns you have or pain you are experiencing. Once we go over those, our orthodontist can do a full examination to see how we can correct any issues you may have, discuss costs, and create a treatment plan.

Visit Two: X-Rays

If we decide to go through with treatment after the first consultation, we will schedule you for x-rays and digital imaging.

Visit Three: Applying New Braces

Following the x-rays, we will then schedule you to install your braces, which typically takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes.

After Braces Installation

You may have some pain for 2-3 days after you get your braces put on, and you might experience teeth sensitivity when chewing. Eating soft foods should help ease the discomfort during that time. Remember that brushing your teeth with braces is crucial to ensuring that the plaque stays out of your braces.

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